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Many of us try to save money during the year, but have a hard time doing it. Jini Thornton, who visited the show this week, mentioned that when we get paid – whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly or monthly – we should be taking a portion of it and putting it to our savings. Experts say having a separate checking or savings account at a different bank to put your paycheck in can help you as well.

Even if you only have $5-$20 to put aside, it’s a start. And if we start now, we can kickoff 2019 the right way.

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During Thornton’s visit, Rickey Smiley also asked about tax cuts and what it’s doing for people that don’t have a lot of money. We learned that although tax rates are lower, certain deductions have been taken away.

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According to Jini, the difference in deductions aren’t drastic, but if you don’t like how tax deductions are going, we must get out and vote the right people in that care about our tax situation.

Whatever the case, listen up top for tips on how to save more money and why it’s important to file your taxes to stay out of trouble in your finances and with the government.


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