After Losing 30 Pounds By Changing Her Diet, A Slim And Sugar-Free Sherri Shepherd Is Ready To Date Again

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For more than 270 days, Sherri Shepherd has gone without added sugar. That means no candy, no cakes, sweets, sodas and any of the treats she used to enjoy in the past. She started on this journey to ensure that she could be present longer for her son, Jeffrey, who has special needs, but she’s stuck to it because she’s experienced so many positive changes. That includes losing about 30 pounds.

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“The perk is being able to put on my little shoes and little jeans with the holes all in them, but the biggest thing is, I got my health and I got my life, and I get to enjoy more time with my son,” she said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight on the set of her new Netflix series, Mr. Iglesias. She said that she’s been able to take on so many gigs (and collect quite a few nice bags) because “I have so much energy.”

“I get to do stand-up every night and this [show] and I can focus and I have clarity and I feel good inside,” she said.

And now that Shepherd has her health where she wants it to be and is feeling herself, she admitted that she’s interested in getting back out there on the dating scene.

“I’m single and I’m open. I’ve been single for about four years. I think I’m ready to put my feet into the dating pool,” she said. “The water’s a little cold, but I think I’m ready. Don’t send me none of your uncles. I need people with their own teeth, their own knees. Good credit. Maybe they own their own home. You know, I got a lot of little factors, but I think I’m ready to date.”

But for now, she’s focused on continuing the hard work to be sugar-free for as long as she can. For those who’ve been inspired by her efforts and wonder if they can do it, Shepherd says it’s all about making the decision to change and sticking to it for everyone you care for — including yourself.

“I say you have to make a commitment to actually loving yourself,” she said. “A lot of times, as women, we don’t take the time to love on ourselves and be gentle with ourselves. When I started saying, ‘Sherri, just love on you and make a commitment to you,’ that’s when things started to happen.”

“You’ve got people depending on you. You would give your life for the people you love, but would you live for the people you love?” she added. “Like, you’d die for them, but would you actually commit to living for them?”

Deep, right? Check out the results of going nearly 300 days without sugar by hitting the flip to see Shepherd’s transformation.

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