13-Year-Old Commits Suicide After Being Bullied, Mom Pleaded With School And Bus Service To Help Him

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When will it stop? Joanna Wohlfert, is mourning the loss of her 13-year-old son, Michael Martin after he took his own life because he was bullied.

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According to Essence, Michael was constantly teased at school and began skipping classes to avoid the people taunting him. His mother is now saying the private bus company as well as the school district failed her son.

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Joanna pleaded with them to help her and after his death wants to make sure no other family or child has to endure this pain.

She said, “I know that some schools are overwhelmed with kids, but if you have a parent that’s reaching out to you, and trying to get help for their child, why wouldn’t you reach back? Why wouldn’t you do something? He was going through a dark time and nobody cared. Nobody paid attention to him.”

Reports state that the bullying took place on the bus as well as at school. At the beginning of the school year in 2017 Michael began missing days and his mother noticed a change in him. While Michael never told his mother about how much he was being bullied his friends mentioned that he was teased about his weight, glasses and braces.

To make matters worse he was even slammed against a wall in the lunch room. The assistant principal reached out to Michael before, but he never gave her the names of people that were bullying him.

While the drivers of the school buses are trained on student behavior, the company said they’re, “Committed to assisting the Lansing School District and Michael’s family in investigating any circumstances relating to any and all claims of student bullying in school or on the school bus.”

Lastly, Michael’s family is demanding answers and wants to look more into how Michael’s situation was handled. We will continue to keep this family in our prayers.

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