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men's mental health month - Happy young African American man.

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Men’s Mental Health Awareness Month is upon us and TikTok users are bringing awareness to the public through a series of encouraging and uplifting posts that have easily become of the recent top trending topics.

It’s been said that men are taught to bottle up their emotions and not show their feelings from a young age, causing them to retract from seeking help and essentially fall into the stigma that seeking help is a sign of weakness. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, men are nearly four times more likely to die by suicide than women. Between 2020 and 2021, suicide among young men aged 15-24 increased by 8%. Having a strong and solid support system in your corner makes the feeling of contentment a lot more accessible. Through personal reflections referencing bouts of depression, stories of loved ones who are no longer here due to unaddressed issues, statistics, and several reminders of self-worth and appreciation, the viral videos have created a community that not only appreciates men, but has assisted in helping men appreciate themselves.

It’s important that men know they are valued at all times and not just during the month of June. According to APA, high-quality relationships that provide companionship and social support increase mental and physical well-being, while those without relationships are twice as likely to die prematurely — a risk factor greater than smoking 20 cigarettes a day. In a viral video, TikTok user @smoothyoki_ touches on the importance of community and conversation in the daily lives of men, highlighting, again, the how men are taught to be tough and not show their emotions.

“A simple conversation, or even just a smile or a gesture, might be enough to keep them here another day, to let them continue living this beautiful life that the Lord has given us,” he shared.

Alongside @smoothyoki, several other men and women jumped on the app to share encouraging videos, reminding all men of their value and their right to live.



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