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After his untimely passing Nipsey Hussle became a symbol of hope. Unfortunately a group of entrepreneurs tried to cash in on his name with no care for his legacy.

As spotted on TMZ the estate of the California MC have finally settled a lingering matter with the owner of a business entity that shares the same namesake of his former street gang. Last year Crips LLC, yes that is the official name of the company, attempted to trademark the phrase “The Marathon Continues.” Obviously this slogan has become synonymous with Nip but they threw that care out the window by submitting the required documentation to legally register the term.

Naturally the filing landed on the estate’s radar prompting them to file an injunction against Crips LLC’s efforts to gain ownership of the phrase. The celebrity gossip site says that Nipsey’s brother, Samiel “Black Sam” Asghedom, has communicated to the presiding court that the estate has reached a settlement with the company. While the numbers are not known it should be detailed that the estate was seeking for the limited liability company to halt any production of apparel that bares the the likeness in question.

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