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Many believe that when someone dies another person is born in their place, almost like a balancing of the universe type of thing. However, that notion becomes way more sad if the two connected souls in that situation happen to be a mother and daughter.

That was unfortunately the case for a newborn baby girl in Baytown, Texas, who went on to survive after her pregnant mom was fatally shot in the head by a stray bullet that entered their apartment.

The unfortunate turn in events occurred on Monday evening (May 24) according to Baytown officials. The deceased woman, 23-year-old Dominique Million, was airlifted to a nearby hospital in hopes of making it there in time to save her life. Sadly, she died as a result of her injuries a short time later.

The baby girl had a successful-yet-bittersweet delivery, and currently remains at the hospital although it’s still unclear what condition she’s in or whether or not she had to be delivered premature.

Making the situation even more grim, a 20-year-old man was also shot and killed while standing outside the apartment. Police are currently investigating unidentified suspects in a maroon vehicle and a black vehicle, the two parties said to be exchanging fire near the apartment complex.

The birth of a child should be the greatest day of a young mother’s life, not the ending of it. We’re praying for the family and loved ones of Dominique Million, and we can only hope her baby girl is able to continue on without the person that brought her into this word.

NBC News states that a $5,000 reward is being offered for anyone who can provide tips to the Baytown Police Department at 281-422-8371 or Crime Stoppers at 281-427-TIPS.

Please help if you can.


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