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Even though Jamie Foxx is already set to star in a Mike Tyson biographical series with a working title of Finding Mike, there’s now a Hulu series about the iconic boxer’s life arriving soon as well. Moonlight lead actor Trevante Rhodes will fill the gloves of the titular character, while also standing in as executive producer.

Simply titled Iron Mike, the upcoming Hulu series may have an A-List star and big budget streaming company behind it. What it doesn’t have unfortunately is approval from the real Mike Tyson himself.

Variety reports that Tyson, the real one that is, is in no way involved with this project and has even gone on record as calling it “tone-deaf cultural misappropriation.” He is involved with the Jamie Foxx-led project though, which also has Antoine Fuqua and Martin Scorsese attached as executive producers.

It makes a lot of sense why there’s so much interest surrounding the life story of Mike Tyson. From winning his first 19 professional fights by knockout to the details surrounding his tumultuous relationship in the late-80s with actress Robin Givens, there’s a lot of material to work with in telling this man’s life. Tyson may feel left out on the creative control side of the Hulu project, or he just might not want it to conflict with the one he’s personally working on with Jamie Foxx as the lead. Either way he should have a right to his own life story and how it’s told, and we only hope Hulu handles that correctly and with care.

Iron Mike will be released as an eight-episode series on Hulu, with production set to begin later this year. Will you be watching one, both or none of these shows about the controversial-yet-intriguing life of such a polarizing person? Let us know your thoughts!


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