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Accidents can surely happen, but it’s always a different story when kids are involved.

One Kentucky woman is on the tough and lengthly road of discovering that out after her now-former job as a bus driver came to a startling halt when she blindly dragged a 6-year-old girl for 1,000 feet. 

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TMZ obtained the graphic footage of the incident caught on dashcam, which is being shown in Jefferson County Court as part of a civil suit against the driver, Melinda Sanders. The video is definitely a bit hard to sit through, as it clearly depicts the young girl being dragged for what feels like forever before the driver finally comes to a stop.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s caught on tape, via TMZ:

“In the video … a student’s seen standing next to the bus driver but the student doesn’t notice the girl’s little body being dragged. The bus even makes a left turn and you can hear cars honking at the bus.

The driver tells a student to sit down and THEN seems to finally notice the little girl’s caught in every parent’s worst nightmare. The bus driver was promptly fired after the incident.”  


As expected, the child sadly endured severe nerve damage that required multiple surgeries, in addition to suffering from PTSD that will more than likely have lasting effects. We can understand that Melinda may have truly just been just trying to keep her eyes on the road for the sake of other students on the bus, but we definite won’t attest to the family’s pending suit for unspecified damages in the least bit.

Watch the graphic video below, and let us know whether or not you think anyone is truly to blame in this freak accident:



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