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Putting health first has been a primary key to surviving the global coronavirus outbreak that’s taken over for the past year and a half, and apparently Black people are even more at risk when it comes to the mortality rate. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, Black Americans have suffered the highest death rate per 100,000 people than any other racial group during this crisis.

As a result, many of us are seeking life insurance as a way to be realistic about what could possibly come. Have you done the same? 

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NBC BLK released a full report on the subject, stating that 56 percent of Black Americans have now purchased life insurance policies in the last year, the highest rate among all racial groups. Alison Salka, director and senior vice president at LIMRA, says the pandemic “brought the idea of mortality to the forefront of people’s minds,” going on to add, “almost a third of customers said they were more likely to buy life insurance because of it, but that number goes up for different demographic groups, like Black Americans.”

As to why the surge in stocking up on life insurance wasn’t a thought in the Black community prior to the pandemic, the survey suggests that Black Americans were more likely to overestimate the cost of life insurance than the general population by 75% to 50%.

Read up more on the topic of life insurance affordability for Black people below, via NBC BLK:

“Affordability was a common theme in the survey. It concluded that Black people had a higher level of financial concern than the overall population average, adding that Covid exacerbated those concerns. Additionally, it found that Black Americans were significantly more likely to be concerned about being able to save for an emergency fund, pay their monthly bills and their mortgage, and about leaving their families in a difficult situation due to a premature death.”


We probably don’t have to mention our nation’s often-ignored racial wealth gap for you to understand the cause for concern, especially being that in 2020 an average Black family’s net worth was less than 15 percent of that of the average white family according to the Federal Reserve.

While it’s a hard subject to talk about, life insurance can alleviate the harsh pain of sudden death by not adding thousands of dollars in fees into the grieving process. Sound off with your thoughts, and let us know if you think life insurance is simply a smart move for the future or a dire need for survival as African Americans.


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