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The holidays often prompts us to reflect and look back on the past year.  It’s a time for us to analyze the good, bad, and ugly things we want to change or improve about ourselves going into the new year. While reflection is great, sometimes it can quickly turn into negative self talk causing unnecessary stress.

We all have an inner critic. At times this tiny voice can actually be helpful and keeps us motivated toward goals—like when it reminds us to get up and workout or when it prompts us to second think a mistake we’ve already made in the past. However, this voice can often be more harmful than helpful, specifically when it gets into the realm of us beating ourselves up. This is also known as negative self talk and it can really bring us down.

To combat negative self talk, we want to  make sure we feed our minds with self love, new goals, positive thinking and speaking our desires into existence. Below you will find 10 Empowering Affirmations that will help fight against negative self talk going into 2022.

Say these affirmations aloud: 

  1. My action creates prosperity 
  2. Fear of Failure does not control me 
  3. The past holds no power over me 
  4. I am superior to negative self talk 
  5. I ask, I believe, I receive
  6. I let go of unwanted attachments 
  7. My life is rich in opportunities 
  8. I choose to be happy
  9. I celebrate life 
  10. I am grateful for all of the love in my life 

Remember, we are the only one’s that have control over our own realities. The power is in the tongue! so, the next time you catch yourself beating yourself up.. address it and speak these powerful affirmations aloud.

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