Ericaism: How To Defeat The Enemy That Wants You To Lose [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

Erica Campbell is giving us another Ericaism and it’s all about the enemy trying to defeat you. Erica spoke about so many songs that are encouraging people to win, but the enemy continues to try and disrupt that. She shared advice and scriptures with fans that she hoped helped them.

She told listeners how its up to them to have the power to push through challenges to win. Erica also spoke about power that some people believe they don’t have, but if you want that raise at work, if you want change you must fight for it. Rebuke the enemy, serve God and claim what you want then go for it.

Listen to “Get Up! Mornings With Erica Campbell” 6am ET.

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Erica Campbell’s Exclusive Meet & Greet [PHOTOS]
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