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Today (June 2nd) Bishop Marvin Sapp was a guest host at the Get Up Church and had some time to deliver his “Motivational Moment.” Bishop Sapp also gave TJ and GRIFF a bit of exclusive news from his upcoming Biopic “Never Would Have Made It: The Marvin Sapp Story.” Actor Chaz Lamar Shepherd (The Temptations) will play Bishop and we will get to learn what helped make him the man he is today.

Listen below:

Read the transcript below:

Bishop Marvin Sapp: It is time for Marvin’s motivational moment and this is a very simple but listen, when I say this to you. One of the things that I’ve learned, beloved brothers and sisters, that God will use the very thing that was meant to destroy you, to deliver you. He will use the very thing that was meant to destroy you, to deliver you. So while you’re looking at your circumstance, and thinking that it’s going to take you out, I want to declare and decree that it’s about to take you up. While you’re looking at your circumstance and thinking that it is about to crush you. I want you to understand that he’s about to use that which was supposed to crush you, to catapult you to the place that you desire to be in so don’t sweat it. Don’t stress about it. Because God’s got a plan for everything that was supposed to destroy you. Deliverance is on his way. That’s more of his motivational moment this morning.

TJ: I did have a quick question for you. So with your biopic coming, and even listen to your motivational moment right there. What was the process like? Because you have to dig deep in your past and your story and tell your story? What was that process like? Or how has it been just leading up to producing and filming your biopic?

GRIFF: Well, it was great, honestly, because it gave me an opportunity really to go back into my life and to deal with some things that I hadn’t dealt with emotionally. And the process for me was amazing, simply because I got the opportunity to not only be a part of it, being a co-writer, executive producer, and also being in the movie, but it just it was a healing thing. And it’s going to show people some aspects of Marvin Sapp that they don’t know. So you know, I’m excited about using my challenges in life as ministry tools hopefully to help somebody and to get them to realize most importantly, that no matter how bad life has been, that you are not what you’ve done, but you are who God called you to be. And I think that’s what’s so exciting about my biopic Coming out on August the 21st.

GRIFF: And who’s playing you?

BMS: Chad Shepard Chaz. Chaz is playing me he’s been in like a ton of movies like The Temptations he was set it off he was in a bunch of different movies and he’s so very gifted and everybody’s laying but he don’t look like you. It’s not really about looking like me but his acting in this particular biopic Yeah, is simply amazing.

TJ: Okay, So you are in your own biopic Who are you play it? You?

BMS: I know, I’m playing somebody else, TJ. What do you saying?

TJ: Are you actually in it? I can tell you’re planning.

BMS: I am in it. But…

GRIFF: He must be playing like a somebody…

BMS: You have to see it.

GRIFF: Sometimes in biopics, they put the real person who would actually is like, might be at a restaurant. That’s like an easter egg inside of a movie.

BMS: But I promise you, people are going to see it as an aspect of me that they never imagined that I had to go through the types of things that I had to go through. And because we saw so often we we keep our personal lives very, very personal and I’m very guarded, you know that about me to guard it. So, you know, for me to come out and share some personal things about my life and to allow them to see that it’s, it’s very, very for the sake of transformation.

GRIFF: I know you from Grand Rapids, which is the home of Amway. Did you ever sell like concrete cleaner or any of that Amway stuff?

BMS: I never did. But you know what? I knew a ton of people that did

GRIFF: And they got boxes and boxes of concrete cleaner in their garage.