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Naomi Raine is one of the breakout stars in the award-winning mega-group Maverick City Music. Currently, on a multi-city tour with Kirk Franklin and MCM, Naomi has released her new single “Not Ready.”  Naomi gives the Get Up! Church details her new single saying:

“Not Ready” is a soul about a time where I kind of went through a depression, not kind of, definitely went through a depression and didn’t really know it until a friend pointed it out to me. And it caused me to like really talk to the Lord and be like, hey, I need help. I don’t know what to do. And I was afraid to do that. I think a lot of Christians struggle with struggle, you know? Except that we’re actually struggling. But the Lord was like, Hey, I just wanted you to reach out to me, and so not ready as a song. I’m basically saying, learn. I know I need to be praying and doing all the right things, but I’m really not ready. And in the skies responsive, like I’m here with you like you’re good.

Listen to the new single below:


Naomi talks give Erica and GRIFF more details about the new single and it’s honestly. You can hear more below:




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ERICA CAMPBELL: So listen, that song is so very honest. And you just don’t hear that level of honesty. I was I was a little surprised when I heard it. I was like, Okay, are we going all the way there? Were you afraid to sing this kind of lyrics?

NAOMI RAINE: Oh, definitely. Like I was very well not to really sing it. I was afraid to let y’all hear it. But I think I think it’s important. And really when the Lord like took me through the journey, he was like, I want you to share it. And I was very afraid I didn’t I wasn’t gonna release this song. But he’s like, a lot of people are here. And I think that we have a problem, not hearing the result. We know that God is going to work all things together for the good. But we don’t want to get to the word. We don’t want to be in the working together. Yeah, you know, and so he began to show me people like Joseph, and now he was in jail for a very long time. And he was in the pit for a very long time. And we just want to get to the end, where you know, the person comes and says, You’re out. You’re free. He’s like, No, I want people need to learn how to deal with and go through the actual issue. Just like David did. You know?

GRIFF: Yeah, Naomi, I just want to say I know you were in Dallas, recently, just doing a concert and your everything is big. You guys are on everything. Is this what you want it? Or are you at the place where man God my prayers? Do you look back and go, I pray for this? And I’m here? Or are you stressed out? Not having fun? Are you having fun still?

NAOMI: You know, GRIFF, is both, you know, didn’t say and I mean, I literally that’s what I say in this song. I’m like, my bills are paid. But I’m still stressed. There’s a level of like success and greatness. Like literally every night, especially on this tour, I get to see the result or the fruit because people right, or the fruit, and how the music has blessed them. And that is like so fulfilling. That’s amazing. But then if you know anything about tour, and just business and road life, it’s like, oh, this is difficult. This is not all fun and games, you know, the reality, but I’m learning literally learning how to be content in it. And realizing that just because my dream came true, doesn’t mean it’s perfect, you know, doesn’t mean it’s perfect.

ERICA: So this, this album has 22 tracks on it. We’ve loved you with Mav now we get to see you by yourself. What’s the most special thing about this album for you the journey?

NAOMI: I think it is the honesty and vulnerability and also you know what? The sound is different. It’s not what it’s like worship in terms of the genre that people are used to, but very inspirational. And I think it’s a vibe, you know