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By all accounts, JoJo Martin is not supposed to be here but God has the final say. Martin suffered from the life-threatening Kidney disease focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSG), and sat through hours of Dialysis until a kidney transplant saved his life. Martin shares his testimony in his single “Never Left Me Alone.”

Listen to JoJo’s new single below:

With his new album, “Temporary Tears.” set to be on Friday, July 15th, Martin stops by the Get Up Chruch to tell us what to expect, including production from PJ Morton. He also shares why the African American community should consider organ donation and more.






ERICA CAMPBELL: So good to be talking to you. Okay, so this song, this testimony in all that you’ve been through how you feeling now? What kind of lifestyle changes have you made to improve your health?

JOJO MARTIN: I’m feeling so amazing. Got my kidney transplant three years ago, no more dialysis, and the transplant is working just fine. Doctors are happy. I’m feeling great.

ERICA: Oh my god. So do you eat differently now? Are you more careful with what you eat? How have you had to change?

JOJO: In a lot of ways I’ve had to do more. Because during my time on dialysis, they had been do so much less loss, a lot of weight. And then when the transplant came, they were drilling more fluids more eating, you know, just to try to build up back the momentum of what my body was doing to handle a new kidney. And so now I’m back on a good old diet amen but first few months I was eating like it was going out of style.

ERICA: I’m glad you’re healthy. Listen to someone who was hesitant about being an organ donor, what would you say?

JOJO: I would say that we are a people that need to get out of what we grew up knowing. We can be educated and we can be knowledgeable about what’s going on with our community and with bodies. So many people in our community are on the transplant list as long as they are because our community is fearful to donate. And so give life. share life with someone to help somebody live as long as they possibly can and don’t fear. They’re not going to let you die because you’re a kidney donor. But get educated. Read as much as you can find out ways that you can help people give you life out of your life.

ERICA: Well thank you for your testimony. Thank you for your music. I love your voice, Jesus! So excited. This debut album of yours, PJ Morton produced it. What can we expect from this album?

JOJO: This album is a journey. Most of the album’s PJ and I did before I ever knew I had to go on dialysis. The only song written after the kidney transplant is “Never Left Me Alone.” So these were songs that are actually that carried me through this journey that we didn’t know that I needed them for that. So there’s so when you hear it, it’s a story. The album was called “Temporary Tears.” On the cover, one year I bought this medallion and it’s a picture of me and my mother when I was born back in 1984. And I carried this and I made it the cover of the album and the title of the album Temporary Tears. And so that’s what this album is about walk through this journey. He listened to these lyrics let these melodies encourage you and strengthen you and I pray that’s what people get out of it.