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Imagine sitting at a restaurant and the server telling you that your bill was already paid. According to WKYC 3, one Cleveland gospel group is doing just that to show how to spread love. The campaign called “Stringless Love” is a movement we hope more people can adopt.

Mark McMillion of Nu Covenant said, “My heart was definitely telling me to pay for the next person, so I paid for the next person and that person paid for the next person.” The group now goes around performing these random acts of kindness and sometimes records them to post on social media.

McMillion said, “We could show the world that there’s love out there. We can motivate people to give by what we’re doing.” Although the group uses their own money it warms their heart to know they are doing something special. McMillion mentioned, “We’re trying to get to the point where it gets bigger and bigger. The more we get blessed we want to buy cars for people we want to buy houses for people.” The group has paid for meals at Chipotle, Denny’s and other restaurants. God bless this group!

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