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A Colorado mother wants a middle school student punished for what she called the “hate crime” of sending a racist message to her Black son’s cellphone. The message consisted of one word — the N-word — written dozens of times to form the shape of a swastika.

Jana Veasey took to Instagram to air her grievances with the school in the town of Castle Rock, a suburb of Denver, and suggested she was not going to let this slide at all.

Veasey said she was “mortified” that the message was sent via AirDrop to her seventh grader son last week as the school year began. She and her family — including her son, Isaiah, who was on the receiving end of the racist message — recently moved to the area. Last week was Isaiah’s first day at the new school.

“I am mortified this was sent to my sons [sic] phone at school today,” Veasey said in her Instagram post. “This is a hate crime and I’m going to take it all the up to the Top.”

AirDrop is a feature on iPhones and iPads that allows people “to share and receive photos, documents, and more with other Apple devices that are nearby,” even if they’re unsolicited, according to a description from Apple.

Veasey explained to local news outlet Fox 31 that the only motivation for such an action had to be racism.

“They’ve never had a conversation, they’re not even on the same schedules. They don’t eat lunch together, they don’t do anything together,” Veasey said. “So this kid just took the time out to make this disgusting picture then he AirDropped it to my son during breakfast.”

Veasey added: “It was a swastika sign with that word in it, in the shape of a swastika sign.”

It was not immediately clear if the offending student had been identified or whether any punishment had been doled out.

However, Veasey suggested whatever had been done, if anything, wasn’t nearly enough.

“I don’t understand how they can kick kids out of school for bullying, but they can’t kick a kid out for being racist. That should be in the same category. It is a type of bullying, just in a different way.”

Veasey said she is pressing charges because regardless of the offending student’s age, they need to be taught a serious lesson.

“There are too many excuses in the world on why people can get away with certain things and I really don’t care that he is a kid, because I feel like his intentions were real,” Veasey said. “He knew what he was doing, so he should be punished for what he has done.”

It is not clear what Veasey meant by vowing “to take it all the up to the Top,” but that very well could include legal action.


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