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As we settle into the new year, many of us are thinking of ways to be a better version of ourselves in 2023, and as Christians, many of us strive to maintain peace in the midst of a chaotic world.

With that being said, as believers of the bible and followers of the Christian faith, we all should strive to make prioritize our faith and connect with our spirituality more.

Below are five ways you can prioritize God more in your daily life in this new year.

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1. Start and End Your Days In Prayer and Meditation

Starting and ending your days in prayer can help you to become more intentional with the way align your plans with the one God has for you. With a busy schedule, your mornings and evenings may feel a bit chaotic as you rush out the door. However, starting your day by spending time with the Lord can fuel you for the day. Ending your day with him also allows for you to find a sense of peace and comfort. Additionally, if you struggle to take this time in the morning, consider creating a prayer plan to give you a goal to work towards. Instead of reaching for your phone to scroll on Instagram, spend those moments giving thanks for a new day.

2. Dedicate A Time To Your Bible

Taking the opportunity weekly or daily to study God’s word is expected as Christians and with today’s technology, there is more opportunity than ever to connect with the text. There are faith-based podcasts, audible books, and even bible apps that allow you to tune into the word as you continue with your daily routine. You can search YouTube, Apple or Spotify Podcasts to find someone who resonates best with your spirit and journey.

3. Connect With Other Christians Within Your Community and Circle

Navigating your Christian journey doesn’t have to be lonely. Yes, at times, you will need to alone with God, but times of fellowship are just as important to your journey Finding your group of people that hold you accountable to your faith-based goals and can encourage your strength in the lord is necessary. Evaluate the people around you and ask God to give you eyes of discernment as you embark on your path closer to him this year.

Life can and will be hectic, but small changes make all the difference. Connecting with your spiritual side is a challenging journey but the pathway to God is beautiful. In 2023, challenge yourself to show up daily and to hold yourself accountable. Make yourself a priority and be sure to keep God at the center of your life.

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Don’t fault yourself for making mistakes or falling short. We will all fall short. The goal is to strive to be your best!

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