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San Diego Hotel Fight Video

Source: Instagram/@ronnie.toms

Social media wins again while society loses, also again.

In this particular instance, video footage went viral over the weekend and showed an apparently intoxicated and probably racist white man violently attacking two women before unwittingly becoming a victim of the circumstances that he created.

People on social media were working to identify the culprit, and it appeared as though they have been successful. Jason Frink, is this you?

But first things first.

The video, which was posted to Instagram on Christmas Eve, picked up social media momentum this weekend for reasons that are not immediately known to NewsOne. It apparently was filmed in a hotel in San Diego and lasts for a little more than a minute. But that is more than enough time to establish the fact that the man in the footage appeared to commit a violent crime, possibly motivated at least in part by anti-Black racism.

The footage begins abruptly without context and shows the unidentified white man telling an employee to “find it.”

That’s when the person filming — an Instagram user named Ronnie Toms, a Black woman — tells that man to leave the premises.

“F*ck you,” the man says while looking directly into the camera.

The edited video then cuts to the white man looking into the camera and asking, “where do you come from?” That led to him saying: “This is your f*cking hood.”

The white man then walks toward a woman, identified by Toms as a “4’10 coworker,” and demands something unintelligibly before shoving the woman with both of his hands.

The man not only ignored orders to stop assaulting the coworker, but he also lunged at her again before slapping the phone Tom was using to record out of her hands .

“Okay,” Toms can be heard saying before handing the phone to her coworker to continue filming while she began defending herself from the man — by taking what appeared to be a steel lamp and repeatedly bashing it upside his head… to the point he seemingly lost consciousness.

Toms prefaced her Instagram post by warning the footage was not meant to encourage violence.

Watch the unfortunate encounter unfold below.

The language and violence are graphic in nature and this video should be viewed with discretion.

Fast forward to Saturday and that video was seemingly everywhere, thanks in part to social media sensation TizzyEnt, who was credited with identifying the man in the video as Jason Frink, a sergeant in the U.S. Marines who graduated from high school in Arlington, Nebraska, in 2017 — allegedly.

The man was apparently identified in part by a mole on his neck.


One tweet user linked to a Twitter account — @j_frink2 — purportedly belonging to the man in the video. That account was deleted, though it’s unclear when.

Activist Shaun King said on Instagram that he’s notified the Marines and “they are now aware of this shameful man.” He also called for San Diego police to arrest him.

This is a developing story that will be updated as additional information becomes available.


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