Lisa Nicole Debuts New Single “Same God”

Lisa Nicole

Source: Provided By Lisa Nicole / Radio One Digital

Lisa Nicole stops by the Get Up! Church to debut her new single “Same God”


About “Same God”

“Same God” is a beautifully written contemporary Christian worship song. The simplicity and sincerity of the music make the song intimately impactful. The instrumentation is intentionally light to ensure the words are the main focus. The background vocals enter with a war cry to the God who always comes through. Lisa Nicole’s voice has a richness that elevates Same God from simple to life changing. Her gift perfectly announces that “with You, all things are possible.” Lisa Nicole’s anointing lends the song a humbling and empowering credibility. The instrumentation and vocals blend perfectly and balance each other throughout the song. Everyone on the track is spiritually entuned with this worship moment. Same God is written in a way that reflects a wave.

It begins calmly, reaches a powerful climax, and settles peacefully with the text, “you are the same God.” This song will speak to every Christian who desires an intimate connection with God, the Rock of Ages. Lisa Nicole ends reflectively with the text, “You won’t let me fall…You are the same God!”






Lisa Nicole explains the songs meaning to her, saying, “So “Same God Is a song by Elevation Church and that was like my pandemic church for you know, Im sure a lot of us. I heard the song a then I was talking to, I call her my Italian mom.” This lady who’s been in my life for I feel like 100 years about just challenges that were going through. She sent me this song and I listened to it again and it just hit differently. I was just on my knees crying. This is the message for where we are today. Personally, as a nation, we just need to cry out and believe that he is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” 





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