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Every Friday we bring to you new Kingdom music in our Introducing segment and this week we spotlight our guest co-host Gene Moore. Moore debuts his new single “Beautiful” featuring award-winning singer India.Aire


Moore tells Erica what the song means to him, saying “It’s a song about love, you know on my upcoming EP, I wanted to touch on different things. I wanted to talk about friendship, sing about sorrow, sing about friendship, sing about life, sing about introspection, and one of the things I also wanted to touch on was just love and affection, you know. And I’m sending this out to my wife, so that’s what it means.”





Erica and Gene talk married in the Get Up! Church. When asked about what it means to be married, Moore told Erica, “I love and OK this is going to sound weird but I love the fact that it is a beautiful interruption. A beautiful interruption because it stretches me to be selfless. You know, when I was a bachelor, I was kind of just, you know, in the moment just kind of marching at the beat of my own drum. When you’re married, you have to think about yourself and you have to think about somebody else so you know you always have to be on your feet to make sure that every decision you make is the right decision. Because it’s a domino effect. So whatever decision you make, it’s gonna trickle down to the rest of the family.





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