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On December 29, 22-year-old Naomi Musenga called emergency services in the city of Strasbourg, which is in northeastern France. She was having severe stomach pain and had a three-minute call with an emergency operator. In December, the audio of the call hadn’t been released. reports after the call ended, “Eventually a relative called a doctor who came to Musenga’s house, the family lawyer said at the Thursday news conference. The doctor had her taken to a hospital.” At the hospital, she had two heart attacks and eventually died.

This week, the audio of the emergency call has been released and it is horrific. Here is the transcript in English, courtesy of

Operator: “Yes hello?
Musenga: “Hello … Help me, ma’am.”
Operator: “Yes, what’s going on?
Musenga: “Help me.
Operator: “Well, if you do not tell me what’s going on, I will hang up.
The woman can’t fully articulate her condition and says she’s in a lot of pain. In response, the operator tells her to call a doctor.
Musenga: “I’m gonna die.
Operator: “Yes … you will die, certainly, one day, like everyone else. Call the SOS doctors.” [The operator gives her the number to SOS Médecins, France’s medical emergency service that sends doctors directly to a house.]
Musenga: “Please, help me, ma’am.
Operator: “I can’t help you, I don’t [know what’s wrong with you].”
Musenga: “I have a lot of pain, I have very bad pain.
Operator: “And where?
Musenga: “My stomach hurts a lot … and I feel terrible everywhere.”
Operator: “Yes, well, you call SOS doctors.” [The operator gives her the number again.]The operator has been temporarily suspended, but Jean-Claude Matry, president of the workers’ union for the emergency services, said they are short-staffed and, “The operators answer calls 12 consecutive hours a day. They undergo a lot of stress and it becomes hard to distinguish serious causes from boo-boos.”

Wow. So much for caring about someone who died and just focusing on being short-staffed, which is the compliant of nearly company on  the planet.

Musenga’s family has obtained a lawyer and we hope the family gets justice. If you share this story please use the hashtag #JusticePourNaomi, which translates to “Justice for Naomi.” The hashtag has been used to organize a rally in this Wednesday.

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