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The George Foreman Story: The Power Of Faith and Fortitude (Pt. 1) | Dr. Willie Jolley

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Dr. Willie Jolley’s principle to win BIG today is “The George Foreman Story: The Power Of Faith and Fortitude (Pt. 1)





I want to share a great comeback story with you. I recently was invited to premiere of the new movie about former heavyweight champion George Foreman. The movie is called “Big George Foreman,” and I can tell you that had a big impact on me. It was awesome to see a man who was thought to be finished and then to stage a comeback and go on to win the heavyweight championship of the world against all odds at the age of 45.

It was amazing, but the most amazing part of the story was his conversion from a big, angry man without faith to have a conversion where he almost died and he woke up saying that Jesus had come inside of him and he was changed. It was totally inspiring and uplifting. I encourage everyone to take their family and friends. Especially those who need some inspiration to see this movie, Big George Foreman will bless you all.




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