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The response to Halle Bailey’s starring role in Disney’s reimagined The Little Mermaid film has been wonderful. Over the weekend, fans took over theaters across the nation in their prettiest mermaid inspired outfits to support the “Grown-ish” star. Even her family relished in the historic performance as Bailey became Disney’s first Black Ariel. Check out this viral clip of her Aunt and Granddad telling fans just how monumental this moment is for Bailey and their family’s lineage inside.

In a viral video posted online, Halle’s Aunt spoke about how major this moment is for The Little Mermaid star and their family. She stood next to her father and Halle’s granddad, saying that his father once picked cotton fields in South Carolina and now, their baby girl is the star of one of the biggest films out right now. Major!

“This man, whose dad picked cotton,” Halle’s Aunt shared. “His granddaughter is the star of the biggest film [The Little Mermaid] in the entire world.”

Halle’s granddad stood beside his daughter, nodding in agreeable and adding, “He was in the cotton field.”

The Atlanta star’s aunt shared that they have several ancestors and living relatives who worked tirelessly for this country.

Her aunt adds, “And look on top of that, Halle’s grandmother picked tobacco in South Carolina as a child.”

This country’s history is not as distant as it may appear, so these unimaginable accomplishments are truly eye opening. her aunt and granddad’s emotional reaction brought joyful tears to our eyes. Not only is Halle inspiring the next generation of young girls, but she is making her family so proud.

Congrats again Halle on an amazing opening weekend! Comment if you were able to catch Disney’s newest Princess Ariel in theaters.

Watch the video below:

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