Love Talk: Don’t Judge Those Who Aren’t Where You Are [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

In this heartfelt edition of Love Talk, Erica Campbell opens up about her brother, who hasn’t always been a man of faith and has dealt with his share of trouble, different from that of the rest of his siblings. She explains that now, after having been through everything he’s been through, he pours love over his whole family.

Erica also explains that he often doesn’t feel worthy of God’s love, just because of where he’s been and what he’s done. But she’s not having any of the nonsense- she breaks down exactly why we must shower each other with love, regardless of what kind of path they’re on, because the only thing that can heal a person is love and faith. Click on the audio player to hear this powerful message in this exclusive audio from “Get Up! Mornings With Erica Campbell.”

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