Faith Walking

Faith Walking

If God gives you an assignment, and it doesn't seem like you have any help he's equipped you to be able to do the work. 

Faith Walking

In order to be you, you must discover who is not for you. And there are 6 types of people who are not for you.

If you're only following God for the blessings then, are you really following him or are you just in a line at a store you're going to miss out on the beauty of the relationship with God. God's goodness that has nothing to do with me. 

God never created us to be an individual island where we never commune with other people.

Make sure that you are waiting for the make sure that you are waiting for the right time to do the thing that you need to do. right time to do the thing that you need to do.

God asked you for your faith. And I believe that, as the scripture tells us, ‘without faith it's impossible to please God.’

Do not confuse the crushing with disqualification.

Don't show up to God with your prayer request, and when he answers it, don't circle it back. Circle back to him with your praise report

Learn to surrender to the father. Because you can't walk into your destiny saying no.

Faith Walking

Why do we get surprise? When we out here, living raggedy and you get the results of your raggedy actions?

Don't allow grief or anger or anything that the enemy is placed on you because you have suffered loss to steal life from you.

Faith Walking

Victory walk in your power and listen. Tell somebody else that they've got victory too.