Faith Walking

Erica Campbell shared one of her favorite scriptures that focuses on peace and trusting the word of God.

We're comfortable in the dark space even though we could possibly bump into a walk and hurt ourselves, in life that's what we do sometimes.

Erica wants you to know that God wants you to have a full life.

Erica Campbell reflected on the moments where she's felt overwhelmed and stretched in so many directions.

Marvin Sapp shares a special message from Ephesians 3:20 for the "Faith Walking" today.

Erica Campbell spoke about a friend that recently lost their job.

Erica Campbell was discussed a testimony about faith that was truly amazing.

She mentioned though that sometimes we wait for his promises, but aren't doing the work to get closer to them.

After giving away some turkey's they thought Erica wanted to go, but she mentioned she was there to do just this.

Erica wants everyone to be secure in who God calls them to be and decided to keep it up.

Erica Campbell mentioned that we need to use positive words and not weak ones because of how it can make us feel.

Erica Campbell shared a beautiful message from her bishop about life choices.