Erica Campbell has been busy with multiple projects, traveling and took a moment to collect her thoughts.

Erica Campbell wants you to know that you have the power!

Erica Campbell spoke about how we rush things in life and we shouldn’t do that.

Erica Campbell talked a song where they sing about God looking beyond our faults.

We all go through really tough times in life and Erica Campbell spoke about being honest about that.

Erica Campbell is speaking to everyone that is going through a process of trying to be successful.

Sometimes when bad things happen to us we forget about the good times.

We have so much to do in life and use that as an excuse sometimes not to do things.

Erica Campbell spoke about how people ask her on a regular basis how she does everything she does.

Erica Campbell spoke about waiting on things and how it’s all in the Bible.

Erica Campbell talked about how we call a lot of things blessings that really aren’t.