Get Up! Videos

Dawn challenges us with exercises that include cardio, mountain climbers, ab crunches and more.

She mentioned that God breaks us sometimes so we can see greatness.

GRIFF told a story about the other day where he watched a squirrel run from the bottom of the tree and go around to get out his eye sight.

Creflo Dollar in a recent interview gave tips on how to form a closer relationship with God and we all can utilize it.

A couple months ago, GRIFF met his youngest brother who is 25 and made a promise that he would always be family despite his relationship with the father they share.

GRIFF shares how his experience was when he got stuck in the elevator for 32 minutes.

We're comfortable in the dark space even though we could possibly bump into a walk and hurt ourselves, in life that's what we do sometimes.

Erica wants you to know that God wants you to have a full life.

Erica Campbell spoke about respecting the time of others and wants to give you tips on how to be timely.

This week on Get Up & Move, Erica Campbell’s trainer Dawn Strozier shows us a workout that will help out our core.

These internships provide you with the knowledge and a little background on what you'll be doing in the future.