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Krista began to cry and wanted to quit, but Erica encouraged her to keep working out with her.

GRIFF came into to work to share how he passed several tests from God.

To GRIFF this isn't just a show, but an opportunity for him to give back to the Lord for everything he's done for him.

Erica Campbell is asking that past generations encourage millennials and help them.

GRIFF got up to walk the dog put shorts on and didn't check the weather.

Erica wants everyone to be secure in who God calls them to be and decided to keep it up.

Sometimes we expect that things God is giving us might be earthly, but with God they could be supernatural.

GRIFF pointed out and admitted that it's not just women that get excited when they get their hair done, but it's also men.

Erica Campbell mentioned that we need to use positive words and not weak ones because of how it can make us feel.

GRIFF mentioned that he read a book about love languages and through that found that Brandon's language was quality time.

Everyone that knows GRIFF should know he's always in a good mood.

GRIFF might be a comedian, but he's not the funniest person in the family.