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As long as we serve God, people can see him through us.

This week on Get Up & Move, Erica Campbell's trainer Dawn Strozier demonstrates moves that will get you hype while you use your arms and legs.

GRIFF shared a message Erica Campbell says everyday about how the enemy tries to throw us off our path.

Erica was worrying about if everything was going to work out, could she make every appointment and event.

Erica Campbell spoke about a friend that recently lost their job.

GRIFF has his young daughter in town and for the week they've been playing games such as UNO, Mario Kart and more.

Erica Campbell was discussed a testimony about faith that was truly amazing.

He mentioned that when he was going to an event and wanted some gum.

GRIFF mentioned that he's apart of the nap ministry and loves to take them everyday if he can.

GRIFF mentioned that he couldn't breathe out his nostrils and was constantly feeling stuffed.