GRIFF’s Prayer

GRIFF’s got a chance to attend a hot air balloon festival but didn’t ride one because the prices were hiked for the occasion. Watch him recount the experience here… 

Nosey, extra neighbors. We’ve all had at least one.

If you had a boogie in your nose, would you want someone to tell you?

GRIFF celebrated his birthday on September 30 and he has A LOT to celebrate.

What’s good morning without a good laugh to start the week off right?

The new iPhone 11 is and as expected, it costs a grip!

In today’s prayer, GRIFF urges people to go beyond their local limits and travel far.

It’s time to start praying and believing in God’s promises.

GRIFF is celebrating his 30th year since graduating high school and the reunion has him thinking...

It's come to our attention that kids are returning back to school unprepared...

GRIFF mentioned that they now have bulletproof backpacks that are $200.

If you don't know the hospital gowns tie in the back and GRIFF wants to make sure his friend doesn't forget to tie them.