Here are a few winter hobbies we believe would be beneficial for our readers. The post 5 Winter Hobbies That Black People Should Give A Try appeared first on NewsOne.

Parler prides itself on being the unmoderated version of Twitter because they do not restrict hate speech in its terms of service.  The post Kanye Buying Parler Draws Attention To The Dangers Of ‘Right-Wing’ Social Media appeared first on NewsOne.

Black farmers relied on the federal government to keep its promise to fund $5 billion to the farmers in the American Rescue Plan Act. The post Black Farmers Sue The Federal Govt. For Unkept Promises Of Billions In Debt Relief appeared first on NewsOne.

At one point during the conversation, Martinez even calls a Black child a little monkey and says he deserves a "beatdown" as a way to tame his allegedly wild behavior. The post Los Angeles City Council President Called Her Collegeaue’s Black Son A Monkey In Racist Tirade appeared first on NewsOne.

The organization's End Qualified immunity campaign is dedicated to eliminating protections that shield police officers from civil liability when they've violated a citizen's constitutional right. The post Campaign Zero Launches Initiative To End Qualified Immunity For Police appeared first on NewsOne.

Under the new terms, borrowers who have loans issued through the government but held by private lenders will no longer be eligible for debt relief. The post Biden Administration Changes Eligibility Requirements For Student Loan Debt Relief Plan appeared first on NewsOne.

Without the express commitment to equity in the recovery process, flooded communities like an Orange County low-income housing complex that flooded or a North Fort Meyers trailer park might not actually get the support they need.  The post Vice President Harris Is Right To Highlight The Importance Of Equity In Disaster Relief appeared first on NewsOne.

Aside from the historic Supreme Court confirmation of Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, President Biden nominated 13 Black women, eight of whom have been confirmed, to the federal bench. The post Biden’s Historic Judicial Nominations Bring Black Girl Magic To The Federal Bench appeared first on NewsOne.

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