Dawn challenges us with exercises that include cardio, mountain climbers, ab crunches and more.

She mentioned that God breaks us sometimes so we can see greatness.

GRIFF told a story about the other day where he watched a squirrel run from the bottom of the tree and go around to get out his eye sight.

On Monday Wendy Williams made an announcement updating her fans on her recent dating adventures and her wellness.

Creflo Dollar in a recent interview gave tips on how to form a closer relationship with God and we all can utilize it.

GRIFF lost his carmax lip balm and he thought he could go without it, but he can't.

Erica Campbell shared one of her favorite scriptures that focuses on peace and trusting the word of God.

Tragedy struck the Disney community on Saturday as Cameron Boyce, the 20-year-old old star of shows such as “Descendants” and “Jessie” died.

Acne plagues plenty of young men and women well into adulthood, but Keke Palmer was able to get hers together with the help of a dermatologist — and Tyler Perry.

Erica mentioned that a lot of us prefer to be around or work with people that we're equally yoked or connected to.

The Houston based group joined YouTube sensation Terrell for the latest episode of his wildly popular channel for a little game of Song Association.