‘Martin’ Taught Me Everything I Need To Know About Love  was originally published on

1. Damnnnn Gina!

Damnnnn Gina!

As I watched countless reruns of the greatest sitcom of all times, “Martin,” I realized that these two lovebirds were the perfect couple. Sure they had their fair share of drama, but the one thing that was constant was their undying and unconditional love for one another.

2. Defend Your Woman’s Honor

Gina might have come into the high school reunion looking like who did it and why, but even though Martin was embarrassed about her appearance, he realized that the discombobulated Gina was the love of his life and he wasn’t treating her with respect and wasn’t letting his classmates clown her.

Take notes–always treat your boo with the utmost respect and be ready to have their back, no matter what.

3. Let Your Man, Be A Man

No matter how crazy his ideas get, support him on it and let him learn his lesson the hard way. Sometimes a man just gotta be a man and that might mean that their ideas will get them hurt. Don’t laugh at them. Support them. And in case their head gets swollen from their bad ideas, be there to ice it.

4. Never Make Your Lover Feel Less Than

No one is asking you to be blind, but there should be no reason that when your lover is in the room, that you notice someone else and obsess over their looks. Do not over-admire when your love is in your presence.