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As the saying goes, “No weapons formed against me shall prosper.” And that’s even if the weapon is a hair malfunction.

Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts has gone viral for a sermon posted over the Memorial Day weekend, not only for the powerful word itself but also for Roberts’ ability to turn what would’ve been an embarrassing moment into part of her testimony!

Sunday’s message (May 28), based on Acts 19:11-20, was about “locking in” spiritually and physically with God. “We can focus so much on the spiritual that we neglect the physical,” Roberts wrote in the YouTube caption. “But God created us as complete beings, able to intuit when something is wrong and feel when it’s time to move forward. When you’re locked in with God, you can feel it in your body. Listen to that! Your body will tell you when to stop, let go, or keep going. If you’re holding something in that’s building anxiety or manifesting in sickness, God wants you to empty it. Pray that He helps you let go of what’s keeping you from walking in lockstep with Him.”

Near the second half of the sermon, the Pastor is shown trying to keep her hair together, but around the 48-minute mark, she decided that enough was enough. She decided to take the hair off and continued with her sermon, to the thunderous applause of everyone in the congregation (including a few who also snatched their own wigs off in support).

Social media had nothing but love for Pastor Roberts, as they appreciate the fact that she kept going with her powerful message. As she says, “It ain’t always gonna be cute. It ain’t always gonna be pretty, but one thing’s for sure… It’s gonna always be God!”

Watch the powerful sermon above and peep some of the reactions below!

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