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Successful Criminal Court Judge Shares Hairstyles for Corporate Baddies

Source: Courtesy of Shequitta Kelly / Courtesy of Shequitta Kelly

Shequitta Kelly is a Dallas-based judge who is killing it in the courtroom and making strides in the world of hair care. Kelly is the inventor of the Hair Shield, a satin-lined protective unit that “stores, transports, and restores the beauty of hair extensions for women of all colors.”

While Kelly understands that protecting the health and longevity of hair extensions is pivotal, she also recognizes the importance of rocking one’s hair in its natural state – no matter the setting. She empowers women of all corporate backgrounds to feel comfortable doing the same. If you’re in the corporate world and need some hair inspiration for your next in-office experience, check out five hairstyles she says are perfect for “corporate baddies”!

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1. Low or Top Bun

Low or Top Bun Source:Courtesy of Shequitta Kelly

“This is a quick, easy, low-maintenance style if you are in between hairstyles or it’s time for wash day. Simply apply your favorite product with some edge control and slick your hair into a bun. Add some bomb earrings, and you have just created a very elegant look that can be paired with business attire. They’ll never know it’s a wash day. This style allows the focus to be on your face, so there are no distractions when you’re front and center.”

2. Kinky Tresses

Kinky Tresses Source:Courtesy of Shequitta Kelly

“Curls for the Girls. This hairstyle makes my melanin pop. It’s a salute to my culture and a reminder to embrace my natural curls. Since I love big hair, I add a few kinky curly clip-ins to achieve this full, bouncy head of hair. In a corporate setting, it makes a statement that reminds everyone of who you indeed are without overpowering or intimidating the room.”

3. Waves for Days

Waves for Days Source:Courtesy of Shequitta Kelly

“Every girl loves a good beach wave look. It is fun and easy to maintain. I wear this look when I know I’m headed on vacation. It allows you to still look polished in a professional work environment, and it can be manipulated with some water and a spray bottle to look carefree and fun for vacation. This hairstyle allows you to go from a work suit to a bathing suit.”

4. Long Hair, Don’t Care

Long Hair, Don't Care Source:Courtesy of Shequitta Kelly

“Sometimes, you have to let your hair all the way down. I love adding extra length to my mane. Length also allows the versatility of pulling your hair into a ponytail for a sweaty workout or letting the tresses flow during the workday. During the fall months, it pairs perfectly with a cup of hot chocolate, a fly hat, and some killer winter boots. Add a couple of highlights to give this style a pop without losing its professionalism.”

5. Sexy Summer Bob

Sexy Summer Bob Source:Courtesy of Shequitta Kelly

“This is my go-to style for those hot summer days. I wear it during the really hot months because it keeps the hair off of my shoulders. I like this style because it can be achieved without cutting your natural hair. Have it installed as a quick weave, sew-in, or purchase a wig. This look brings youth to your face and makes you appear more approachable. I get the most compliments on this style from any style I’ve ever worn. Extend the length of your bob, and add curls or a part to get a completely different look. A bob goes a long way.”