Trump was banned from both platforms following the January attack on the US Capitol.


House Impachment Manager and Virgin Islands Rep. Stacey Plaskett called out Donald Trump's impeachment lawyers for "playing clip after clip of Black women talking about fighting for a cause or an issue or a policy."

Trump wages on from outside the Oval Office as he faces charges of incitement and insurrection, marking his second impeachment.

President Donald Trump has made history to be the first president to be impeached for the second time!


Twitter finally got some courage and permanently banned Donald Trump from the site.

A growing bipartisan Congressional coalition is demanding for the president to be removed from office immediately even though there are less than two weeks remaining in his term. The 25th Amendment would do the trick.

After a hand recount, it is confirmed Biden won Georgia by 12,000+ votes, becoming the first Democratic presidential candidate to win the state since 1992.

Bishop Harry Jackson, a Black conservative pastor who advised President Donald Trump, has died.

White currently sits on Trump's Faith and Opportunity Initiative and has been his spiritual advisor since 2016. Her viral video about praying for "angels from Africa" to help Trump has gone viral.

Ja'Ron Smith, the now-former Deputy Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy, said his conveniently timed departure from the Trump administration was "planned."

Kristen Welker emerged as the real winner of the final presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump as the moderator managed to calmly keep control in a way that was missing from their first meeting.

“The Chicago” in President Barack Obama came out heavy Wednesday evening as Obama took to the campaign trail to speak at a Biden-Harris drive-in rally in Philadelphia.