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Dr. Ian Smith Explains How To Burn Better Fuel & More Fat With 'The Met Flex Diet' | Healthy Ever After

For the latest "Healthy Ever After," we spoke with famed physician Dr. Ian Smith to get some beneficial information on converting to a plant-based diet and how he breaks it all down in his new book, 'Plant Power: Flip Your Plate, Change Your Weight.'

Dr. Ian Smith is a New York Times best-selling author and TV personality.

In this edition of Healthy Ever After, Dr. Ian Smith address America's sugar problem.

Dr. Ian Smith explains why sugar is more dangerous than we think.

Dr. Ian Smith calls out a myth about losing belly fat.

Dr. Ian Smith is a best-selling author, TV personality and creator of the 50 Million Pound Challenge and the Makeover Mile. He has helped millions of people get healthy and lose weight. First, he breaks down the important statistics about obesity in America: 36% of US adults are obese, but 48% of African Americans are […]