The word “substance” just gained a whole new meaning! Marvin Sapp talks new project and introduces ‘You Kept Me’ single on Get Up Mornings with Erica Campbell! He explains how the song was inspired by thought about God’s covering, protection, and sustenance during the pandemic. Though a trying time, God allowed us to all “make […]

Get Up!

Friend of the Get Up! Church, Bishop Marvin Sapp returns to premiere his brand new single "You Kept Me." 

Listen as Marvin Sapp talks about the new song and the upcoming biopic "Never Would Have Made It" with Erica and GRIFF.

During the Get Up Morning's Stellar Awards Kick-off at City Winery in Atlanta, Sapp gives Erica Campbell and GRIFF the details on the Film, what we will learn, and "never would have made it" moments.

To help premiere his new single, "All In Your Hands," gospel legend Marvin Sapp joins Erica & GRIFF in the 'Get Up!' church to explain how he's stayed relevant for all these years and his hopes to one day usher in a new and young gospel star that will continue his legacy within the genre.

Bishop Marvin Sapp and hip-hop veteran Master P stopped by 'The Mo’Kelly Experience' podcast to speak further on the subject of why they love the responsibilities of being a Black father.

Congrats are in order for Pastor Marvin Sapp who launched a new company called Elev8 Media Entertainment and he's looking for talent!

Marvin Sapp stepped back to the Get Up Church this past week to chat about his new album 'Chosen Vessel.'

He also shared a few words of encouragement during the COVID-19 crisis. 


Kanye West‘s Sunday service is known for flipping popular tracks into soulful gospel ballads. And on most occasions, they’ll invite famous singers to come and put their spin on classic records. It’s gotten so big that they choir even hit the stage at Coachella last year. Everyone from Sia to DMX have hit the […]

Marvin Sapp to record his next live album at his church, The Chosen Vessel Cathedral in Texas!