Months after entering a guilty plea on wire and mail fraud charges, Aunt Becky is headed to jail ... for 60 days.

The 31-year-old was forced into sex work as a teen and was imprisoned for self-defense.

R. Kelly is behind bars for the foreseeable future and according to reports, he’s scared for his life.

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Here’s some good news for Love & Hip Hop: New York's Yandy Smith-Harris...

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Phaedra Parks is sharing what she thought of his parole violation, how his crimes have affected their sons and the new man in her life.

Actress Felicity Huffman is joining 13 other defendants in the college admissions scandal who are pleading guilty, according to the Department of Justice.

According to Christian Post, Sen. Tim Scott delivered a message at Potter's House praising the work Jakes has been doing.

The Vatican is now investigating Cardinal George Pell after being arrested for sexually abusing a pair of 13-year-old choirboys.

Gateway Church in Dallas found a new location for the newest campus and it might shock some.

Texas pastor who was convicted of raping a child was sentenced to 75 years in prison.

The white former Chicago police officer who shot and killed Laquan McDonald in 2014 has been sentenced to 81 months in prison.