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The third season of Greenleaf’s two-night premiere came all the way through with the drama and we are so here for it.

First off, praise God they find Zora (Lovie Simone)! Unfortunately for her, her parents, Jacob (Lamman Rucker) and Kerissa (Kim Hawthorne) find her in a roach motel, almost at the state line, and YES, she was with that boy. (The Mess) Now, Jacob has her on lock down. He’s not playing! He takes her phone; he takes her television, and all opportunities to associate with the abuser.

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But, he’s nice enough to spare her life, which he should’ve taken due to her mouthing off like she didn’t just run away with a boy who hit her smooth across the face. (THE NERVE)

She’s mad at her dad who only defended her by punching Isaiah in the face, and Jacob’s upset with her for making poor choices. And those poor choices don’t stop there.

Miss Zora decides that she needs money to buy a prepaid cell phone since her father took hers away. So what does she do? While in the middle of Sunday service at her father’s church, with everyone’s head bowed and eyes closed, this girl decides to take a little cash off the top from the collection plate.

Stealing from the church Zora! You should be ashamed. Just Shame!

She asks her cousin Sophia (Desiree Ross) to buy her a phone but Sophia is not around for supporting Zora’s abusive relationship. She declines to the phone but does manage to convince Jacob to let her have the TV back, with restricted access.

Meanwhile, Sophia is not the only one convincing Jacob to do some stuff. Tasha Skanks (Asia’h Epperson) is playing the helpful former First Lady role but, has a few tricks up her sleeve, and looks like she’s coming for Jacob the same way Rochelle Cross (LeToya Luckett) is coming for Bishop (Keith David).

When Britney, (Dreah Marie) the church treasurer oversteps her bounds with Jacob, telling him how he’s going to bankrupt the church with all of his new ideas and streaming the services live; Tasha gets in his ear and suggests that he fire her. He listens and just like that, Britney is without a job. Tasha’s even stepping in and handling First Lady duties that Kerissa is just too busy to handle herself, with her full time job.

All Jacob can talk about is, ‘Tasha said this’ and ‘Tasha said that.’ She even has the nerve to take him to her jeweler to pick out something nice for Kerissa. They’re walking around looking at jewelry and sipping champagne like they’re together. She finds a necklace that she just loves and suggests that he buy it for Kerissa. He does. And then she has the nerve to send a picture of herself wearing the necklace to Jacob. (Just Wicked) When Kerissa finds out, she’s going to take her head off.

Poor Charity (Deborah Joy Winans) is trying to juggle too many balls in the air at one time. She’s got her new boo, Jabari (Sean Dominic) who’s she’s truly smitten with and can’t wait to get back on the road with him to finish up the tour. She’s planning to be gone for six weeks and she’s taking baby Nathan with her, or so she thinks.

Kevin’s (Tye White) return throws a monkey wrench in her plans when he starts demanding to see his son. He even wants Charity to leave the baby with him while she goes on tour. He tells her she can’t take his son across state lines because that would be kidnapping. After lseeking the advice of her family, she leaves baby Nathan in Kevin’s care while she goes off to chase her dream, and her man.

When she arrives at Kevin’s apartment she sees Aaron (William H. Bryant) walking through the door and has an immediate change of heart. She calls Jabari and says she won’t be finishing the tour but is hopeful they can stay together. Jabari just hangs up.

Meanwhile, the patriarch and matriarch of this family are hanging on by a thread. Lady Mae (Lynn Whitfield) and Bishop are having serious marital issues and it’s all playing out in front of their children. Not only does Mae have to deal with finding out that Bishop has been having an ongoing affair with her sister Mavis (Oprah Winfrey), she now has to deal with the loose ends of the IRS situation that her brother Mack was supposed to handle.

The church owes the IRS $2 million dollars or they will face tax evasion charges. Until they figure out how to handle the problem, Mae lets the Bishop move back in to the family house, just to keep up appearances, but he’s sleeping on the couch.

Though they’re smiling in the faces of the congregation, it’s an all out war behind closed doors. And Grace (Merle Dandridge) is right in the center of it trying to be the peacemaker.

Rochelle is still  all up in Bishop’s face and it’s making Mae angrier and Grace more suspicious. When Grace launches a ministry she asks Rochelle to help.  That way, she can keep an eye on her, When she straight out asks her if she has something going on with Bishop, Rochelle gives a brilliant performance, appearing to be offended and disappointed by the accusations.

Bishop and Lady Mae get one of the church members to help them pay off the IRS debt but that’s only chipping away at ONE of their problems. After the way Mae goes of on Bishop, you can best believe even more drama is on the way.

She barges in Bishop’s office while he’s on the phone and demands he hang up. She says he cheated on her with her sister, she can’t tell if he’s coming or going with this Rochelle woman and on top of it all, he told Grace that she had an affair, which was one of her darkest secrets.

She’s had it up to here like Queen Latifah and tells him, “as soon as this IRS is cleared up I’m divorcing your Black ass!”

Leave it to Lady Mae to wrap up an episode with a bang!

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