After months of anticipation, is officially live! Erica Campbell has curated a digital community dedicated to intentionally curating timelines of love and positivity. This community will include not only include music to inspire an uplifting lifestyle, but will also include motivation and ministry from the Get Up Church’s first lady…and the best part? You […]


Brooklyn Pastor Lamor Whitehead (45), commonly referred to as ‘Bling Bishop’, was sentenced to 9 years in prison, 3 years of supervised released, and ordered to pay $85,000 in restitution (in addition to forfeiting $95,000) on Monday. The sentencing comes after his March 2024 conviction, in which he was found guilty of several fraud crimes […]

It's likely that the overwhelming majority of plaintiffs are Black and Latino boys and men. The number of Black and Latino boys who are being detained has increased even as the overall number of incarcerated juveniles has decreased in the U.S. and particularly in NYC. The post More Than 250 Former Juvenile Detainees Sue NYC After They Were Allegedly Sexually Abused By Staff appeared first on NewsOne.


Clarence Thomas wrote the Supreme Court majority opinion in a case that unregulated bump stocks, a gun device used in the Las Vegas mass shooting that makes a semiautomatic rifle fully automatic. The post Clarence Thomas Pens SCOTUS Opinion Unregulating Bump Stocks That Make Rifles Shoot More Bullets Faster appeared first on NewsOne.

Today's white conservatives pretend to want wide American unity when what they really want is simply unity in pushing forward an anti-Black, anti-human agenda. The post 192 House Republicans Voted To Restore A Confederate Monument Depicting White Soldiers And Black ‘Mammies’ appeared first on NewsOne.


Wisconsin Congresswoman Gwen Moore mocked Donald Trump's felony criminal conviction after he called Milwaukee a "horrible" city. The post Wisconsin Rep. Gwen Moore Mocks Felon Trump For Calling Milwaukee ‘Horrible’ Over City’s Crime Rate appeared first on NewsOne.

We need more honest and dignified media content, from televisions shows to films to music and books. The post Black Fathers Are Most Involved In Their Children’s Lives: End The Fake News Stereotype! appeared first on NewsOne.

While death is inevitably a part of life, that truth doesn’t make it any easier to say goodbye to those who have died in our Black culture.

Five decades and one social media post later, Rebekah Taferra crossed paths with the woman whom her mother named her after. Debra Keister heard gospel singer Rebekah Ward Mitchell sing nearly 50 years ago at the Sellinsgrove Church of Nazarene located in Pennsylvania. Mitchell’s performance of the popular hym “How Great Thou Art” left Keister […]

Manufacturers have been exposed for adding a sunscreen ingredient to their food products.

Black women are at an elevated risk of cancer, with specific types of the disease showing significant increases among women in their 30s. The post Heightened Cancer Risks For Black Women Under 50: Here Is What To Know And Do About It appeared first on NewsOne.

A parent who has disowned their child is a failed parent, not a proud one, and, at any rate, Thomas and his wife appear to have, possibly intentionally, kept their ties to Martin out of public knowledge until relatively recently. The post Criminal Defendant Who Clarence Thomas Raised ‘As A Son’ Says He’s Been Put Out Of Their Lives appeared first on NewsOne.