Healthy Ever After

Did you know there are health reasons to cry? People associate crying with sadness and happiness but there are benefits to letting the tears flow. Dr. Sabrina Jackson gives Erica and GRIFF some reasons on why in today's Healthy Ever After.

To help us improve our communication (and listening) skills, The people expert, Dr. Sabrina Jackson joins us.

For the latest "Healthy Ever After," we spoke with famed physician Dr. Ian Smith to get some beneficial information on converting to a plant-based diet and how he breaks it all down in his new book, 'Plant Power: Flip Your Plate, Change Your Weight.'

For today's "Healthy Ever After," we spoke with licensed esthetician and SugarPop Aesthetics founder Chastity Evans to get her expertise when it comes to an effective skincare regimen that will assure your natural beauty shines the brightest. 

In an effort to have a serious conversation about high blood pressure in our community, Erica and GRIFF are joined by Coach Gessie Thompson & Dr. Peggy Roberts for a special segment of "Healthy Ever After."

Want news at your fingertips? Text “ERICA” to 52140 to join our club. (Terms and conditions) Some people make New Years Resolutions, others create vision boards or do both. However, you decide to plan out your goals for 2022 and beyond, what we do know is a sign of maintaining a healthy mental state is walking […]

These few tips from Dr. Ian Smith can help you reach your 2022 weight loss goals!

December 1st is World AIDS Day. Black Americans make up 42% of all HIV diagnoses in the United States. While African Americans are dealing with HIV and AIDS, COVID-19 is attacking our Community at a rapid. pace. Dr, Grazell R. Howard, Chair of the Black AIDS Institute called in to Get Up! to talk about how AIDS and affects the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

For the latest segment of "Healthy Ever After," Erica welcomed Dr. Griffin Rodgers to the 'Get Up!' church for a well-rounded conversation on what prediabetes is, how to manage or actually reverse it altogether and other vital information worth knowing to determine if you're at risk.

We chose to honor the last week of Breast Cancer Awareness Month by having dear friend Dr. Katina Kennedy stop by the 'Get Up!' church to discuss early detection, healthy eating tips and why men shouldn't rule out getting tested as well.

Did you know, that more than 30 million Americans are living with Type 2 diabetes? For this weeks “Healthy Ever After” segment, The Get Up! Mornings team welcomes Dr. Sherita Golden. Erica Campbell & Griff speak with the Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer at Johns Hopkins Medicine and Know Diabetes by Heart science volunteer about a number […]