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Are You Single Minded or Marriage Minded? I always thought it was hilarious when people would say that after you’ve been married a long time, you start to look, act, and think alike. I don’t know if you do all of those things, but you do begin to join each other. You do begin to […]

In today’s Love Talk, Erica Campbell encourages couples to just listen. 

Right now, we’re all being forced to really see each other through a clear lens and there’s no escaping it.

Netflix’s “Love Is Blind” series is a huge hit and it has garnered millions of fans around the world – Erica Campbell included. Want news at your fingertips? Text “ERICA” to 52140 to join our club. (Terms and conditions) The hit series has inspired Campbell to remind people the importance of not judging someone based […]

How do you communicate with your significant other? Are you truly listening to what they’re saying? In today’s Love Talking, Erica Campbell shares how to enhance your communication with your partner for a healthier relationship. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Press play above the for the full message. SEE ALSO: Love Talking: Be Honest About The Little Things […]

No one wants to feel single inside of a marriage. To avoid that, Erica Campbell said she and her husband Warren check-in with each other periodically to “take the temperature” of their relationship. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! She explains how it’s done above. Press play. SEE ALSO: Love Talking: Be Honest About The Little Things [VIDEO] Make […]

Do you let the little things get under your skin?

Wowzy Campbell joined Erica Campbell to talk about how love makes him feel.

Erica Campbell spoke about her grandmother, who passed away and faced very rough times in her life.

Erica’s father Eddie was a huge influence in her life.  Always providing some of the soundest advice and stories that she still leans on to this day.  One of the best pieces of advice Eddie Atkins shared with Erica is to “always make moves when the dust settles”.  Mr. Atkins also reminder her that you […]