I wouldn't dare walk through without the power of the Holy Spirit on my side, the Holy Spirit told me a long time ago, you do it through the grace of God, you don't have to do it in your own strength.

Gospel star Charles Jenkins was the Guest Pastor in the Get Up! Church today. The award-winning singer blessed up with his version of the Ericaism, the "Jenkins-ism

I want you to walk on water. Do something different, big and amazing, wonderful, magnanimous!

Asking God for a miracle is not wrong. But the motivation and the reason behind the request for his display of power should be for the Lord's glory, not for yours, or for selfish reasons.

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Erica: Man let me tell you something about the grace of God.

Focus on you. On your heart on what makes you happy.

Learning to be satisfied and trusting God is everything.

Tell God thank you today. Listen to today's Ericaism

You can't get to greatness without staying consistent. Consistency in life is everything. You can't stay flexible or dependable if you have too many items on your plate. God will provide the things needed for you to spread your wings.