My Caseyism for today is about living a curated life. Want news at your fingertips? Text “ERICA” to 52140 to join our club. (Terms and conditions) Now, I’m not “young young”, but I’m young. I am on social media a lot and see those really curated feeds where they look perfect in every single picture is […]

This is Lecrae, filling in for my sister Erica today on Get Up! Mornings with Erica Campbell and I got a little something for y’all. I’ve got a Lecraeism…  INVEST IN LOVE  Want news at your fingertips? Text “ERICA” to 52140 to join our club. (Terms and conditions) People don’t know a lot about my story, […]

This Grammy weekend, Erica Campbell is soliciting prayers…not for a win, but to ensure she is making spiritual deposits everywhere she goes! Well, listen guys, it is a big week for me. It is Grammy week and for Grammy Week, every music business organization has an event, has a party, has a luncheon, has a […]

You Can’t Win In The Beginning I have a panel that I have to do and the title of the event is “winning in the first inning.”  I don’t know much about baseball, but I don’t think anyone has ever won in the first inning—or in the beginning. You can’t win until you get to […]

I actually have some news that I haven’t shared with anyone, not even the team… but I have something amazing coming next Monday.  Surprise! So we know that social media is kind of random. It’s not very intentional. Most people just kind of scroll and whatever is in the feed is whatever comes up, but […]

Overcoming Savior Syndrome I know that we should be patient with people, and I know that sometimes we are assigned and called to things that are challenging, but some of us have savior syndrome and we feel better about ourselves when we’re doing something for someone else.   I’ve seen this up close and personal. […]

So growing up. Churchy growing up in a in a Pentecostal home in a Church of God in Christ, and the church experience that shaped me, made me the person that I am, and I often think about the stories that I heard and the things that I literally saw. Like I grew up seeing […]

I know that God's got something great for me. I don't have to sit in that place of worry and wonder. We know the scripture says, be anxious for nothing.

People make mistakes and yes, they do wrong things. And yes, they should be held accountable. But should we throw them away for it?

We look around at the situations and we try to analyze and assess and that will never tell you what God is going to do because most times what God is doing make no sense.

You have to be careful with renewing your mind, not with what culture is saying, but what God has said about me.

Train intentionally to be soldiers for Jesus that we train intentionally to know and trust and stand on his word.