With a whole lot of love, Erica Campbell made her way to Atlanta for the release party and concert of her brand new album ‘I Love You’. From Grammy-award winning group Mary Mary (with her biological sister Tina Campbell) to a thriving solo career, Erica Campbell has never disappointed when it comes to records! Fans […]

Pastor of Transformation Church (Tusla, Oklahoma) and #1 New York Times best-selling author Mike Todd is back with his most vulnerable book yet…Damaged, but Not Destroyed. Want news at your fingertips? Text “ERICA” to 52140 to join our club. (Terms and conditions) Despite every hurt, heartbreak, mugshot (which we discover he has in common with Erica), […]

We are the people of God, the children of God. We are powerful. We are strong, we are mighty. Walk in that.

Patience is a virtue. Patience is a skill. Patience is a superpower. If you learn to be patient, then you know drive yourself crazy with the what else, what ifs?

Being prepared for what is to come mentally being prepared for what God has prepared for me requires a crazy amount of discipline.

Are we still just as concerned about our roots, our spiritual roots, our emotional roots, our family roots, where they go and, what they're connected to?

People get caught up in their own lives and they get busy, but it doesn't mean that they don't love you. But you can say something.

The blessings may not come the day you want it the way you want. But hard work will never be ignored.

A lot of times we are trauma dumping on our children because we are so weighted down or your day is bad or you got bad news or got an e-mail.

It's a few messy people. That's it. And guess what, if they all talking? So what? Keep living your life. 

Hearing songs like this if your souls not anchored in Jesus, you will surely drift away

I love that I grew up in church where I felt like they addressed every side of you as a human being. Even your wants and desires.