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The University of Utah sociologist, Nicholas Wolfinger in a recent article stated that some Americans who have only had sexual relations with their spouse is more than likely happier in their marriage. According to The Christian Post, women that have had sex with six to 10 partners are on the lower end of happiness in their marriage. The study also shows that for men, after just one partner satisfaction is lower in marriage.

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W. Bradford Wilcox said, “Contrary to conventional wisdom, when it comes to sex, less experience is better, at least for the marriage.” After research it showed that women with zero or just one sexual partner is least likely to divorce. In the study it also stated that only 5% of the women talked about in the article were virgins on their wedding day.

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Within 5 years only 6% of the marriages didn’t work. Wolfinger said, “The data show that people with 21 or more partners [across one’s] lifetime are almost twice as likely to be unhappily married as are people with fewer partners: 5.3% of respondents with 21+ partners aren’t happy in their marriages, compared to 2.8% of those with 20 or fewer partners.” He also expressed that some who are overly sexual active before getting married don’t stop. He said, “Adultery leads to unhappy marriages and divorce. So, the people most at risk of being in unhappy marriages by virtue of their complicated sexual histories may no longer be represented in the sample of people reporting on the happiness of their marriages. This bias would minimize the effects of premarital promiscuity on marital quality.”


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