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GRIFF recalled being a newcomer in the comedy business and going to Detroit to perform at Baker’s Keyboard Lounge. It was there he met comedian, Coolaide.

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Coolaide took GRIFF underneath his comedy wing and he was able to perform at different places to show him the ropes as well as introduce him to different people. GRIFF began to get emotional as he spoke about how Coolaide was living with cancer and no one knew until this year.

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Coolaide passed away this weekend and GRIFF mentioned that when a comedian passes people talk about their craft, delivery and the joy they gave to others. GRIFF spoke about timing and how it’s one of the greatest gifts in life.

He closed out by talking about getting opportunities of a lifetime as well as being blessed with doing clean comedy. GRIFF also thanked Coolaide for everything he did for him as well as the city of Detroit.

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