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Listen, you know, sometimes we have really great conversations just kind of randomly as we were having today. And I think we all know variations of different types of people and how you process people in your responsibility are to those people are at different levels. I have lots of friends. I mean, I have truly, truly learn to be honest with my friends, if I don’t have the capacity for the weight of what you are dealing with, then I will lovingly tell you, but I will not carry the weight of it if I cannot handle it on that particular day. I believe that it’s helpful and you guys feel free to jump in. I think it’s helpful, you know to of course to be there for people and to be a listening ear and to you know, give them advice when they’re going through, but there are some who just crossed that line. And they don’t really care what you’re dealing with. They just want you to carry the weight of what they’re dealing with. And it is so unhealthy. And I hope, I hope members of the get up church, that you have enough respect and love for the people that are around you and in your world to at least ask, hey, are you busy? What you’re going through? I need to share something. It’s kind of heavy. Do you have a moment as opposed to just calling somebody out of the blue and dumping like that’s so not fair, you know?   

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And, you know, I think being not only a gospel artist, but now I’m on great yell and a big family and then, you know, being a first lady, there are a lot of people who want to share. And I always make sure that I have if I don’t have the ability, then I just won’t extend myself in that way. I try my best to, but I’m also very honest. And I think that you should be. You know what I mean? Like, yeah, person is coming and they have a problem. There was a young lady at my church lover. She’s delivered all. Everything’s well but she would always call in extreme surprise when the wrong situation that had been going wrong for five years kept going wrong. And I kept saying babe we can deal with this. But I want you to not be shocked because we’ve had this conversation 10 times. I’m not shocked, so I don’t know why you are shocked. Let’s just process it. This is what you choose. This is what you want. This is what you’re going through. So let’s figure out how to get through. But please miss me with the shot. And I can’t believe it. You should believe it. This is what been going on. And until you change things, ain’t gonna change. 


And so, you know, after several of those conversations, you know, growth eventually began to happen. And I think that it is OK, to be honest. And you know, we’re coming into the holiday season and a lot of people process loneliness differently because everybody isn’t in relationships and everybody doesn’t have children or people that they take care of so they will process going through the holidays. I think there is a way to be there for the people that you love, you know, to you know, have relationship and spend time but not carry all the weight of their heaviness, you know, especially if you cannot, if you can, God bless you, be there for them, you know, walk with them through the difficult season. That’s amazing. But if you can’t. Ain’t nobody managing that. I love you. That’s my Ericaism