Ericaism: What Kind Of Fruit Are You Producing? [VIDEO]


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Erica Campbell read from Jeremiah 17:7-8 and spoke about producing fruit. In order to produce fruit it much be attached to a branch that is attached to a tree.

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Erica wants you to ask yourself, what are you attached to? We all listen to music and sometimes those lyrics can change the way we feel or act. If we listen to music that brings us down it could possibly make us feel negative about certain things.

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When we put on songs that encourage us we then produce victory. It leaves us with happiness in our hearts and allows us to keep going despite negativity around us.

Erica wants us to never stop producing and focus on what God has for us. Remember that our greatest victory is coming and we can get through anything!

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Erica Campbell at the Allstate Family Reunion Expo
Erica Campbell at the Allstate Family Reunion Expo
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