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Many of our parents tried to teach us that in this life you can’t always get what you want. Today, right now at this very minute I don’t know if I necessarily agree with that “lesson.” I think you can get everything you want, but it might not come in a package.

I watched this movie, or I heard this movie playing in the background as I was doing something else-  whatever it’s semantics. Either way in this movie, one character explains to another that personal fulfillment falls into four categories: love, career, money, and happiness.

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He went on to say you’ll never have all four at once, if you have love and happiness your money might be funny and your change might be strange or if you have career and money you may be lacking love and therefore aren’t happy. You get the picture. He said the best we can hope from life is to get two or three, if you’re lucky.

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And that’s where I disagree, slightly. While I can honestly say I don’t have all four right now, (I’m working with three out of the four) I don’t feel like all four are unattainable, at the same time. Now I’m realistic. I don’t expect to be completely fulfilled at every point in my life but there are those high moments when the sun seems to shine just for you and I’m striving to get back there.

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I want to know what you think about this little theory? Can you have all four at once? Is there another component to self fulfillment?

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