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Dominic Jefferson, of Texas, recently accepted a proposal from her boyfriend Kendrick Marquette Akins. Days later, she would end up dead.

39-year-old Akins asked Jefferson to marry him on New Year’s Eve. Her family told a local ABC station, that the couple dated for three months. This past Saturday, they had an argument in the parking lot outside of her Houston apartment that resulted in Jefferson’s death.

According to the affidavit, obtained by ABC, Jefferson yelled to Akins, “shoot me.” Shortly after, Akins shot the mother of three in her chest.

He appeared to leave the scene but when a “concerned citizen” went over to Jefferson to help, Akins returned to the scene to fire a shot at the person attempting to help. He fled shortly after.

Eventually, Akins turned himself in to police. He was questioned by detectives and charged with the shooting.

Akins, who was on parole, is being held on a $250,000 bond. Through his public defender, he shared that he fears for his safety while imprisoned. He asked to be put in protective custody due to threats he’s received through Facebook. Akins’ lawyer argued that Jefferson’s relatives, who are inmates at the Harris County jail, reportedly told him that “they were going to get him as soon as he hits the floor.”

Four days before Jefferson’s death, the couple shared their engagement in a Facebook Live post. Jefferson’s mom told ABC, “I thought she had finally found the man of her dreams. It was the nightmare of her life.”

One of Jefferson’s friends, UT Quan said, “I thought it was fast,” speaking of their dating history. “I said if they’re happy, I’m happy. But when the altercation happened, I was thrown off. I was like, ‘How could you do that? You just proposed?’”

Akins had an extensive rap sheet, including an assault against a family member, with crimes in and out of the state of Texas, where he worked as a construction worker.

Jefferson’s mother said neither she nor her daughter researched Akins’ background. And in response to Akins’ request for protective custody saying, Jefferson’s mother said, “He doesn’t deserve protective custody. He doesn’t deserve to live. That’s how I feel about it, with no filter.”

Jefferson leaves behind three children.

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